Thursday, 10 April 2014

More alternative Taurox vehicles

So it seems people like reading about alternatives to the the Taurox. Well, who am I to disappoint? More links for everyone!

Pardulon models - All-Terrain Tractor "Kröte" - Is basically a British WW2 Quad Tractor. Needs a few guns and might be a bit small but other than that looks like a good replacement. - Bison APC - The Bison is without a doubt supposed to be a Rhino chassis alternative, with several building options available but I see no problems turning it into a Taurox - Hammer APC - Most likely a Chimera alternative but as with the Bison above, should work as a Taurox. Exist in a Hydra version as well.

Puppets War - Taurus - I find it quite ironic that Puppets War released a model called the Taurus some time before the Taurox. I have built several other Puppets War models so I can almost guarantee this this is a good kit. 

Atenocitis Workshop - Hunchback APC and Kabardin APC - Two near future vehicles that might be a bit narrow and long but good looking none the less.

Scotia Grendel - A.T.A.C APC - Clearly inspired by the APC in Aliens but perhaps a bit on the small side.

Khurasan Miniatures - Also as two Aliens inspired vehicles but I can't show them to you right now since the site is under maintenance.

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