Sunday, 27 February 2022

Commission: Monarch Starviper

Damn, has it already been over six years since I last painted a Starviper with a butterfly theme? Time sure flies when you paint a lot of stuff. Anyway, here's a Monarch butterfly inspired ship.

Just like with the Ace viper I posted previously, this one has also been modified so the wings can be folded. This is a fairly easy mod all things considered, but it does require detaching the cockpit piece in order to get access to the wings. Both the upper and lower pair are connected to each other via a plastic bar/pin, that also locks them in place.

To make the wings fold, those bars have to be sanded down a bit to make them rounder. Again, not terribly difficult, but it does mean that the wings will be weaker and more prone to breaking. It's a tricky balance between too much and too little, but I think I managed to find a fairly happy medium.

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