Monday, 23 September 2019

Commission: Inferno Squadron

My latest project has been to paint a squad of Inferno Squadron TIE Fighters. A total of 7 ships painted in a uniform manner as befits the the elite of the Imperial Navy.

It is perhaps a bit boring to paint in this way but it does look quite good when they are flying in a formation. One of the normal TIE Fighters have been given some extra markings to indicate a named pilot, most likely Howlrunner. Also a TIE Advanced was added to give a bit of extra kick.

The ships were painted almost exactly the same as my old Admiral Zaarin Tie Fighters, with the obvious addition of red markings and red cockpit windows instead of yellow.


  1. HI, I know this is a fairly simple paint scheme but I'm anxious to try it myself. How did you get the lines so straight? do you trust in your steady hand or do some very accurate masking off.

    1. Hi there!

      I did not mask anything, I just have a steady hand and a lot of patience. Of course masking can be be a good aid in a situation like this. However, beware of painting too close to the masking tape as paint can creep under the tape.

      Hope it helps!