Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Commission: Rebel AT-RTs

More Legion stuff. These AT-RTs have undergone the same process as the scout bikers. However, the changes are considerably more pronounced

Let's count all the things I've done:

  • Re-positioned the legs considerably so the models stands straighter and taller
  • Added some pistons to the legs
  • Added an antenna array
  • Moved the entire top pod forwards
  • Added footrests
  • Removed the original gun and mounting point
  • Replaced the gun mount with a new one with a magnet added
  • Scratch built / kitbashed all three gun options and of course magnetized them
  • Replaced the original pilot
  • Replacement pilot needed extensive work to legs, feet and arms in order to have the right position

Unfortunately I didn't remember to take some good before photos of these, best I've got are two pictures from when I was in the middle of converting the first one. Something that doesn't really come across in those pictures is how badly the model was originally leaning over to the left.

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