Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Commission: Stock Scum painted YV-666

Do you like the stock paint job on the Scyk and Kihraxz? You don't? Have a YV-666 painted in the same style anyway. 

This is another slightly oddball paint job (I seem to have gotten a lot of those over the years) as I know several people who are not terribly fond of the stock Scyk and Kihraxz colour scheme. However there are always those that disagree with the 'established' opinion and this is the result of that.

The colours I used are a close match to the original paints. Here are the recipes for anyone that is interested. All colours are Vallejo Game Colour except when otherwise noted.

Green - 3:1 mix of VMC (Vallejo Model Colour) Brown violet and  Dead flesh.

Purple - 3:2:1 mix of Dwarf skin, Hexed lichen and Charred brown

Blue - 8:3:2:1 mix of Wolf grey, VMC German Grey, Ultramarine Blue and Turquoise

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