Monday, 29 June 2015

Orange B-wing

It seems I'm finally making a decent dent in my backlog. Anyway, here is another repaint, this time a B-wing, which is the second one I've painted. This is not a commission however, just a little something for myself. Sadly I goofed up something fierce when taking pictures of the painting process so I will not post a paint guide of this ship.

I painted this to represent a named B-wing pilot for a tournament, in this case Ten Numb and I acquitted myself quite well, ending up in fourth place out of 40 participants. I'll report more in-depth on that in my next post. Enjoy!


  1. Hi! All your X-Wing models look stellar. Is this one painted in VGC Hot Orange, something different or a mix? I've recently started to repaint my ships as well in a similar manner, I really enjoy the one strong solid color for each ship, and this B-Wing is looking great.

    1. Normally I would refer you to my paint guide of the ship but in this case that's not possible since I was not able to write one for this ship. Always remember to check that your pictures are not a blurry mess.

      Anyway, the base colour is Vallejo Model Air Colour Scarlet Red (71.003). It's fairly similar in hue to VGC Hot Orange, though a bit more red. In truth, I had never intended to buy this colour, but a mix up when ordering a batch of paints (I thought I was ordering VGC Scarlett Red) meant I ended up with it in my collection.