Friday, 17 June 2016

Z-95 'Sandworm'

Last year I painted a YV-666 that I called the 'Dune Rider'. While the colour scheme I used for it was inspired by Sand Crawlers, I always felt that the name I gave it could have been taken from the Dune-series. In keeping with that theme I thought it would be fitting to name my latest paintjob the 'Sandworm'.

The Sandworm is one my personal Z-95s that I've painted in the same colours as the Dune Rider. It's basically my version of the Nashtah Pup, though perhaps ironically I've never used the Hound's Tooth title that allows the deployment of the Nashtah pup. Anyway, I will not write a paint guide of this ship as the guide for the Dune Rider will suffice.

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