Saturday, 5 June 2021

Commission: Hera's A-wing Mk2

Yet another Hera A-wing? Yes but this one is a bit different from the previous one. This one has leveled up!

For some time I have offered painting in what can best be described as 'levels'. I'll explain more about it in a separate post later, but to oversimplify, it has to do with how detailed the paint job is. This just happen to be the the first time I have two good comparisons, the previous Hera A-wing being a 'level 1' paint job and this one 'level 2'. 

The mark 2 moniker does not represent levels funnily enough, it just so happens that this (and technically the previous one as well) has some tweaked colour mixes that makes it somewhat different from the others I have painted over the years. As always, enjoy!

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