Saturday, 12 September 2015

Painting a Tiger Y-wing

Third scum Y-wing tutorial. Unlike the other Y-wings, the Tiger Y-wing needed no additional conversion/modification. The basic model would serve well enough to represent a tiger, as long as I could manage to paint the stripes properly.

The primer was a 1:1 mix of Vallejo's grey and white primers. This also served as the basecoat for the underside of the ship. For the rest of the ship I used a 1:1 mix VGC Parasite Brown and VGC Dwarf Skin. I also started on the stripes though I quickly realised it was a stupid idea since the drybrushing would ruin the pattern.

The first highlight was a 1:1:1:1 mix of Parasite Brown, Dwarf Skin, VGC Plague Brown and White that I drybrushed on the back of the ship while I carefully outlined each panel on the front. The second highlight was more of the same, just using a 1:1:1:2 mix of the previous colours. For a small final highlight I used a 1:1:1:4 mix of the previous colours on some of the most highest/protruding parts of the ship.

The belly was instead highlighted with pure White, drybrushing the back and carefully line highlighting the front, just like the top highlights.

With the drybrushing finished I could do the stripes. I used a 1:1 mix of Black and VGC German Grey to paint them, trying to cover most of the front and the engine pods.

The power conduits was painted with VGC Beasty Brown while the turret gun barrels was painted with a 1:1 mix of Cold Grey and VGC Sombre Grey. After that I used a dark brown oil wash for the shade. 

I could now finally start on the details. The engine glow was slowly built up using successive glazes of Army Painter Red Tone ink as a start. When I had a good start I switched to VGC Red Gore that I added small amounts of white to.

The Power conduits were first repainted using Beasty Brown, followed by a highlight using a 1:1:3 mix of VGC Plague Brown, VGC Khaki and Beasty Brown. The second highlight used the same colours, only in a 1:1:1 mix. For the last highlight I removed Beasty Brown and replaced it with White for another 1:1:1 mix.

For the cockpit windows I used the same mix as for the turret gun. These, just like the guns, was highlighted by adding ever greater amounts of VGC Stonewall Grey. For the final parts of the window reflection I used pure white.

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