Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Tournament time!

Time for the big event! Fantasia Fanatic, a Swedish Warhammer Fantasy and 40k tournament, is right around the corner. That in turn means I'm not painting very much right now. Unlike most tournament goers that I've met, I refuse to paint up to the last minute and instead I make sure to be ready well in advance. My Enforcer Space Marines are right now waiting in my carrying cases for their big moment.

The list I'm using looks like this:

1995 points Iron Hands Space Marines

  • Chapter Master - The Primarch's Wrath, powerfist, iron halo, terminator armour, auspex, digital weapons, melta bombs, Iron Hands chapter tactics - 220 pts
  • Librarian - Psychic hood, Mastery level 2, auspex, digital weapons, Iron Hands chapter tactics, melta bombs - 110 pts 
  • Space Marine Tactical squad - 10 models, melta gun, heavy bolter, veteran sarge with melta bombs and power sword, Razorback transport - 190 pts + 55 pts for transport
  • Space Marine Tactical squad - 9 models, melta gun, veteran sarge with melta bombs and power sword, Rhino transport - 166 pts + 35 pts for transport
  • Scouts - 10 models,sniper rifles, veteran sarge with melta bombs - 135 pts
Fast Attack
  • Storm Talon Gunship - Assault cannons and Skyhammer missile launcher - 125 pts
  • Storm Talon Gunship - Assault cannons and Skyhammer missile launcher - 125 pts
 Heavy Support
  • Thunderfire Cannon - 100 pts
  • Predator - Lascannon sponsons and twin-linked lascannon turret - 145 pts
  • Centurion Devastators - Gravcannons and gravamps, missile launcher, sarge has omniscope, Land Raider transport - 290 + 250 pts for transport
  •  Aegis Defence Line - Quad gun upgrade only - 50 pts
I am well aware that this list is not considered the most optimal for tournament play. However I don't give a damn about that, since I'm not some boring WAAC (Win At All Cost) player. I go to the tournament to have fun and show off my army. As for tactics, I'm usually a very defensive player so I'll probably try to put as much as possible in cover and wait for the enemy to advance first. In the second and third turn, my own advance will begin with the Centurions leading the charge.

On another note the fortification entry in my list is legit. This tournament does not allow normal fortifications, though they do allow the upgrade options from the Aegis Defence Line. A good addition in my opinion, since there are still armies that don't have good Anti-Air options.

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