Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Commission: Kath Scarlet's Firespray

A couple of weeks ago I got a commission to paint a Firespray-31 (Boba Fett's ship) in the colours of another Star Wars bounty hunter, Kath Scarlet. Normally I would show you how I painted it first but I quite frankly do not have the time for it at the moment so that will have to come later. However I do have some juicy pics of the finished model! Enjoy!


  1. This is incredible! If you have time, would you mind briefly describing how you painted it?

    I'm wondering if you stripped off any of the old paint, or just started painting on top of it.

    1. Well that's an easy request. Just follow the below link to the actual paint guide :)

  2. Didn't see it there. Awesome!