Sunday, 21 August 2016

Painting a prototype B-wing

It would not at all surprise me if FFG release a prototype B-wing expansion pack in the future. In the mean time, here's how I did my version of it.

While I easily could have just painted the ship similar to the B-wing featured in Star Wars Rebels, I knew I couldn't leave it at that. I just had to do some conversions!

The cockpit pod got a serious makeover, and the gun pod was built from scratch. On top of that I removed and altered many small details and greebles all over the ship. For instance, the top of the wings has just about no details left, save for panel lines.

I started the painting process by airbrushing my standard grey primer all over the ship. This was followed by a basecoat using a 1:3:3 mix VGC Bloody Red, VGC Parasite Brown and VGC Hot Orange. I then manually painted grey primer on some parts of the cockpit and the gun pod.

The white circles on each wing was a simple matter of masking the ship before airbrushing the base coat. The black guns and engine details were painted with a 1:1 mix of VMC German Grey and AP Matt Black.

I used VGC Plague Brown for the yellow marks and Matt Black for the cockpit and gun pod windows. Finally I painted the grey 'engine block' (middle of the ship basically) with a 1:3 mix of VGC Cold Grey and German Grey.

Lots of highlighting on this one so I have broken it down in parts below.

Orange fuselage
  1. 1:1:1 mix of Parasite Brown, Hot Orange and VGC Dwarf Skin
  2. 1:1:3 mix using the previous set of colours
  3. Pure Dwarf Skin
 Grey parts 
  1. Pure Cold Grey
  2. 1:1 mix of Cold Grey and VGC Stonewall Grey
  3. 1:5 mix of AP Matt White and Stonewall Grey
  4. Pure White
Guns and engine exhausts
  1. 2:1 mix of German Grey and Cold Grey
  2. 1:2 mix using the previous set of colours
  3. Pure Cold Grey
White parts
  1. Heavily diluted Matt White
  2. Less diluted Matt White
  3. Almost undiluted Matt White
Yellow marks
  1. 1:2 mix of Matt White and Plague Brown
  2. 2:1 mix using the previous set of colours

I gave the windows some simple reflections by basically starting with German Grey working through Cold Grey and Stonewall Grey and finally ending with tiny dots of pure Matt White. Finally I added some dirt and grime streaks. Unusually for me I did not add any scratches and/or dents. This is supposed to be a prototype and has therefore not seen any action, as can be seen quite clearly in the TV-series.

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