Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Commission: Skink Firespray

While I haven't come up with a fancy name for it yet, the paint job for this particular Firespray was inspired by a real life lizard called Skilton's Skink.

The lizard inspiration is rather fitting considering the commissioner is a wildlife biologist. I also tried something a bit new with the cockpit canopy which I think came out quite nicely. Enjoy!


  1. How about the Andrasta? The Firespey flown by the big brother in X-Wing Alliance? It's paint-scheme looked pretty cool.

    1. I know of the ship and I've also played the game in question. I could most likely make a good attempt at an Andrasta, the biggest hurdle would be the Twi'lek Pin up.

    2. It's the finer details that always seems to daunt painters a bit I've noticed.