Saturday, 20 November 2021

Commission: Szarekh the Silent King

Szarekh the Silent King may not be the largest nor the most detailed model I've ever painted, but it is probably the most complex in terms of design.

Unlike many other current models from Games Workshop, I don't automatically cringe when I see Szarekh and his floating throne. In fact I kind of like it. Also, from a construction view point it is quite ingenious as it only features three sprues of parts and two them are the same.

However it is a ridiculously impractical model and I struggle to see how this could possibly be painted if not left as several sub assemblies. I myself had 29 parts lying around that needed to be painted separately. It took me almost three months but I persevered and it all came together quite nicely in the end.

As for the paint job, the commissioner (a good friend of mine) specifically wanted something highly similar to the official model, though overall darker. I sometimes wonder if he is a closet emo at heart. I also apologize for the lack of close up pictures but for those some reason those came out really bloody grainy. In any case, enjoy!

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