Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Thunderfire Cannon part 2

So it turns out that my airbrush was not broken. The morning after I thought I had broken it, the damned thing was working fine again. Either some part got out of alignment and my fiddling with it fixed the problem or the airbrush fairy visited me in my sleep. Either works fine.

As for the Thunderfire cannon, which I will call Atlas Gun Carriage in my home-brew army, the build has progressed well. The main structural parts was finished in my last update so details was next on the agenda. It always feels a bit redundant to paint parts that will see little of the sun's light, so naturally, building something that is out of main view feels even more awkward. And yet the underside of the gun is more elaborate and detailed than the top. Maybe I'm just strange that way?

Next I added protective armour to the sides of the gun and finally added 76 rivets (I counted them all!) to the whole construct, though I forgot to take a picture of that. The armourplates only adds to the size problem, but the rule of cool will hopefully override that.

And now for something completely new! How I paint vehicles and equipment for my Enforcer Space Marine army. Can't claim to be much of a paint and build blog if I only write about building stuff, now can I?

The three above pictures show the first and most basic steps. First I lightly spray the model with a regular aerosol spray. I'm not sure how necessary this truly is but I've read somewhere on the web that it does give better grip to the following layers of paint. And everything on the net is true, right?
Second layer is airbrushed Vallejo black primer. Finally the model is again airbrushed with a 20:1 mix of Vallejo Wolf Grey (GW name: Space Wolves grey/ Fenrisian grey) and Vallejo Cold Grey (GW name: Codex grey/Dawnstone). Next update will show the rest of the painting.

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