Saturday, 23 August 2014

Finished YG-4210

Well this is fast, though to be fair a scheduled event was cancelled so I have more time on my hands than expected. Anyway, here are the pictures of the finished model.

Compared to other big X-wing ships, the YG-4210 is fairly small. In fact it's almost tiny. I did make it a bit thicker than the source material suggested to make up for the minuscule size. Also of note is the big hole underneath the ship. That's where the connector is supposed to go, but I haven't gotten it yet. In fact, the model is held up with the blue tac in the above pictures. Just a little secret to everyone. :)


  1. It looks amazing. Definitely didn't expect it to be that small compared to the YT but that just makes the work that much more impressive. I had a slightly modified 4210 when I played WEG Star Wars way way back in the day. This confirms I picked an awesome ship.

  2. Of course it is awesome! I am the King Midas of awesome! Everything I touch become awesome! :)

    BTW I am unable to show any humility, perhaps I need some professional help for that? :D

  3. Absolutely great! But I think it's supposed to be bigger (24m) than the firespray is tall (21m).

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    1. Send a message to my gmail account to discuss details on a possible commission.