Saturday, 31 January 2015

Commission: Green Squadron A-wing

Another commission, this time a Green Squadron A-wing that has been painted using NMM-techniques. Something that proved fairly hard to do due to the small size of the model. The subtle shifts in colour/brightness that forms the core of NMM painting are hard to achieve on such a small model as it becomes too subtle. Still, despite that particular setback, I think I achieved a stunning looking model!


  1. The rebel Logo is nicely done, a great repaint.

  2. Decals or god-like brush control on the icons?

    1. Normally I would point you to my paint guide of the ship but I just realised that I didn't do a guide for this ship. I wonder why I never got around to it?

      Anyway, in this particular case I used decals as it is much easier and allows me save some of my already limited sanity for more complicated stuff.